Warranty: Best in the Business

As a SunPower Elite Dealer, CST Solar offers the best solar power warranty in the industry. SunPower's exclusive 25-Year Combined Power and Product Warranty offers protection no other manufacturer on the market dares to match.


Lifetime Workmanship Warranty CST Solar Journeymen Electricians

Manufacturer’s Warranty

SunPower will replace any defective panel free of charge for a quarter century. You pay nothing. When a company is that willing to warranty their products you know they have good reason for their confidence. SunPower certainly does—only one in 20,000 of their panels is ever returned for replacement.

When you produce the top solar power system on the market, it’s easy to also provide the top warranty on the market for that solar system. It’s a combination that can’t be beat for reliable quality!


The Competition

How does SunPower’s warranty stack up against the competition? Conventional solar panels typically only offer 10-year, parts-only warranties. That means that if there's a malfunction, you pay for panel removal, you pay for shipping, and you pay for reinstallation. Considering the wear and tear that a solar panel system absorbs over the course of its life, that’s simply not good enough.


Workmanship Warranty

Here at CST Solar, we trust SunPower. They use innovative technology to produce industry-leading solar panels that continue to win awards for efficient performance, durability, and sustainability. Then they stand behind their work with the best solar power warranty around.

We protect your investment even further by adding our own regional-best CST Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. We want you to feel as confident in our work as we do, so—here’s our word. In the unlikely event your SunPower solar panel system fails because of a workmanship error, we will come back and fix it for free. Guaranteed.

Combined, these two warranties provide you with extra peace of mind and add value to your solar system so that you can enjoy the savings of solar worry-free.


"CST Solar met our every expectation and fulfilled all their promises to us. We researched the product they provide and determined that it is the best in the industry. Also, we wanted to own our solar system, so an excellent warranty was important to our decision to go with CST Solar. The 25-year warranty they provide is better than what is offered by many of the other companies we investigated."
- Ernie Hawes, 2016