Residential Project Galleries

CST has done over 3,000 residential solar system installs over the years, and man is our work good looking! Take a look at some of the homes we’ve worked on over the years in these gallery pictures.



Solar Panel Systems vs. Beauty

Solar Panel Systems haven’t had the best reputation for being attractive over the years. Fortunately, SunPower designs their panels to be attractive and to fit in with many architecture styles. Gone are the days when the only panels on the market were super-shiny and covered with bright white grid lines that could be seen from across town. SunPower produces several attractive solar panels that offer different combinations of style and efficiency so you truly can choose what’s best for your home.


Installing on Different Roof Types

Also gone are the days of only being able to install solar panels on certain roof types. CST can install on any roof type out there. Would you like to put a solar system on your flat roof? Consider it done. Would you like solar panels on your tile roof, or on your asphalt shingles? Done and done.

SunPower panels are all roof type solar panels. And CST Solar—unlike our competitors—has the skill and experience to install on any roof type and fully warranty the workmanship of our work for 15 years to come.


"Very professional, helpful, and polite from start to finish."
- Griff Lechner, 2015