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No Money Down Financing Solar System $0 CST

Ready to make the switch?

With 0$ down solar financingOAC, you can start saving with solar from day one! Consolidated Solar Technologies is proud to offer financing solutions for every budget. Through our partnership with local banks such as Nusenda, People's Bank and U.S. Eagle, the solar panel financing process is easy and affordable.

Your solar system will provide a fast return on investment, and with a useful life of more than 40 years, it pays for itself. When you finance with one of CST's partners, monthly loan payments are often less than your previous electric bill so that you can start saving right away.

Own your power. Let us show you how.


Did you know?

When you purchase a solar system with cash or with a solar system financing program, you are also eligible to enjoy a 30% solar tax credit. However, if you lease the solar system, the leasing company receives the tax credit in lieu of the homeowner.


"With all the paperwork done, we were good to good. The installation went very smooth, and the installers were great. One helpful thing was the tax rebate, that we got, when we did our taxes. Also, the low electric bills we have been getting. The last one was $17.39. We are very happy that we made the move to Solar."
- James Snyder, 2016


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