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CST Solar is proud to be a SunPower Elite Dealer. SunPower is a globally-trust brand with over 30 years of industry experience manufacturing the world's most efficient solar panels. But not just anyone can sell this revolutionary product line; as New Mexico's only Elite Dealer, CST Solar has been carefully vetted by SunPower and is required to:

SunPower solar panels are the best on the market, hands down. SunPower's photovoltaic (PV) solar systems can generate 70% more energy than other leading panels in the same space over 25 years, and are so reliable that they have a useful life of more than 40 years. These record-setting results are achieved with SunPower's patented Maxeon® technology.

SunPower solar systems are designed to work harder so you can make the most of clean energy and the tremendous benefits it brings.

CST Solar offers a variety of SunPower solar panels to suit any need and budget. We utilize unique financing solutions to enable home and business owners to install solar systems with no down payment. The aim is to switch the ever increasing monthly cost of renting electricity from the utility to a lower, fixed monthly payment towards the ownership of clean, renewable solar energy.*

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"CST has the best product in our market. They have the best installation personnel. They know what needs to be done so that after three days of work, we had an electric meter running backwards."
- David and Karen Hagermen, 2016