Our Environmental Commitment

How exactly does the use of fossil fuels impact us here in America?

That’s a good question—one we here at CST Solar have given a great deal of thought to. And the answers to the question have led us to where we are today—promoting solar panels good for the environment and good for our day-to-day lives as well.

Solar Systems Saves Infographic

Quick Facts

Think about that amount of pollution and waste in terms of our nation, your home town, your family, and your children’s children. Doesn’t it seem like if we could make a positive difference we should?


We Can. And We Do.

Here at CST, we’re all about promoting solar power. It’s a smart way to bring the benefits of clean, renewable energy right into your own home. The solar eco footprint is small from start to finish, and a small eco footprint is right where we want to be.

Yes, a solar panel system will save you money—both now and for decades to come. For most of our customers, that’s the main appeal and it’s valid! But along with those lower prices, you get to seriously benefit the world around you.

  • The air in your neighborhood will be cleaner.
  • You’ll reduce your demand for fossil fuels.
  • And you’ll lower the greenhouse gases you contribute to the environment.

This is CST’s commitment to the environment. We want our customers to enjoy and be proud of their lives. Having a sustainable energy solar system at your home or business can provide both those things—the energy supply you need, and the environmental benefits of solar power.


"The salesperson was very knowledgeable and helped us every step of the way during the process of purchasing and installation. Even after that he has always been available to answer questions. We have been saving in our electric bills and helping the environment."
- Lauren Gonzales Bosc, 2016