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A great many generations ago, the Mosher family set out to make the arduous journey west across the United States. As ship builders, their target destination was San Francisco where the shipyards – and opportunities for work – were abundant. But on their trek, the family patriarch was stricken with tuberculosis, thus changing the Mosher legacy forever. Instead of San Francisco, the hot, dry weather of New Mexico was prescribed to fight the symptoms of TB. And so, rather than California, the Moshers came to reside in the Land of Enchantment.

Today, with roots that extend deep into our local history, the Mosher family still calls Albuquerque home. It is for this reason that the Moshers are so passionate about helping our state to thrive.


Why Choose Local Solar

At CST Solar, we believe that with the power of the sun, we have the power to make a difference. As advocates for the growth and development of our local economy, we are proud to provide homegrown green jobs and support for our community’s financial health. When you switch to solar with a local business like CST, your dollars stay right here at home and help your neighborhood, your schools, and your community.


How We Give Back

Educational Programs in Support of Sustainable Practices

We recognize that we have a unique opportunity to teach our local communities about sustainability, and thus, help to secure the environmental health of our state for generations to come. We have designed curricular programs to teach students about sustainable technologies and practices, and have created hands-on lessons and activities for elementary, middle and high school students. In addition to giving classroom presentations and working with school science fairs, we have assembled a K-12 curriculum for Los Lunas Public Schools. Students at Capital High School and St. Therese Catholic School had the opportunity to be in documentaries reporting the benefits of the integration of CST solar systems at their schools. Most recently, members of the CST team were asked to join the NMSU Advisory Board for Renewable Energy to help develop college curriculum that promotes vocational training and green job creation in the desert Southwest.


Charitable Donations & Sponsorships

Here at CST Solar, we strive to help support other local businesses and organizations with goals related to community and environmental stewardship. Ranging from the donation of an off-grid solar system for a family in need with Rebuilding Together Sandoval County to becoming the title sponsor of Notah Begay’s Rio Grande Charity Slam, it is our honor and privilege to help give back – big or small – whenever we can.


Solar Policy Participation & Development

Consolidated Solar Technologies was formed in 2008, a time when the solar industry was still in its infantile stages in New Mexico. Realizing the potential for widespread benefits to reach our local communities through the power of solar, CST teamed up with State and local governments to help spur the growth of the renewable energy industry in the Southwest. In addition to our work to improve current policy toward renewable energy and the NM Solar Tax Credit, CST leaders were also instrumental in the development of the Interconnect Agreement and Net Metering policies with PNM. 

Most recently, CST leadership was called upon as an expert witness in the drafting of New Mexico House Bill 199: Distributed Generation Consumer Protection. In short, this important piece of 2017 legislation requires that solar companies, particularly companies that offer a solar lease, maintain transparent business policies and truth in lending practices and effort to better protect consumers.

Since our inception, CST Solar has put forth a continuous effort to contribute to the good of our communities. It is for that reason that our slogan is, “The Power to Make a Difference.”

"Your crew from truck number 20 installed 13 panels on our roof and built the electrical connections last Friday the 13th. We wanted to express our appreciation for the great job they did. Richard Yazzie, Cody Simpson and JP worked well together, were very organized and proceeded to assemble the panels efficiently. The installation passed PNM’s inspection without any problems. Please thank the crew again for us."- Harold G. Wall