Meet Our Team

The CST Solar team is made up of local New Mexicans just like you. We are a group of highly-skilled industry veterans whose goal is to help the families and businesses of our communities save money on electricity by producing their own clean, solar energy.

Consolidated Solar Technologies employees are factory trained by SunPower, and every solar install is managed by one of our elite, highly trained journeyman electricians. Each member of our team has contributed to the careful development of project management processes for optimal professionalism and efficiency.

Partners you can trust. Quality you can count on.


Jerry Mosher Owner CST Solar Panels for Home Use

Jerry Mosher, President

Mr. Mosher is the founder of Consolidated Solar Technologies. He  has  nearly  30  years  of experience  in  project  management  and electrical contracting on large projects, including line work for  major  utilities in New  Mexico  and  the  surrounding  states.  Jerry’s extensive and diverse experience in the electrical and solar  industry  lends  unique  insight  into  the  complexities  of  large-­‐scale projects, allowing CST to provide superior integration quality and service.

James Mosher, Chief Executive Officer CST Solar Home Solar Power System

James Mosher, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Mosher directs the strategy and business development of CST in addition to establishing and maintaining processes and policies. He has been in the electrical trade for over 10 years. He is a New Mexico and Texas master electrician, as well as a New Mexico contractor. James is a SunPower Master in sales, design  and  install. Lending  to  the  success  of  CST,  James  has  great in-­‐depth knowledge, understanding, experience and credibility in the solar and electrical industry.

Dale Jarvis, Design Specialist CST Solar Residential Solar

Dale Jarvis, Design Specialist

Ms.  Jarvis  has  joined  the  Consolidated  Solar  Technologies  team as Design Specialist. Her prior work history includes working  with  Mosher  Enterprises,  Inc.  and  Bridgers  &  Paxton  Consulting Engineers. She has expertise working as a CADD technician  and  a  design  technician  with  schools,  hospitals,  hotels and commercial properties. She attended San Francisco State where she majored in Design & Industry.

Mike Garavaglia, Closeout & Monitoring Specialist CST Solar Home Power

Mike Garavaglia, Closeout & Monitoring Specialist

Mr. Garavaglia is responsible for system monitoring and back-­‐end maintenance. Mike’s primary role is to manage the CST closeout process,  which  consists of setting up the  monitoring  systems, reviewing paperwork, and answering any questions the  customer  may  have  regarding  their  system  based  on  his  exceptional knowledge of the technical aspects of CST’s solar energy  systems.  Mike  holds  a  Bachelor  of  Arts  in  Education  with endorsements in Technology and Social Studies.

"I have nothing but positive things to say about each and every one of the individuals I had contact with, from the people answering the phones (Crystal, Chris, John, etc), to those emailing estimates and setting up work efforts (John, Larry, Chris, Rachel, etc), to the delightful crews that actually did the installation work here on my farm (thank you Brian, Cody, Russ, Mitch, etc). I am so grateful for all of you!" 
- L. Kelly White, El Nido Farm – South Valley