Commercial Financing Options

No Money Down Financing Solar System $0 CST

Consolidated Solar Technologies works has many approachable options available for commercial customers who need to set up solar panel financing.

We partner with several local banks to provide our customers with the best options to finance their solar system:

  • Nusenda,
  • People’s Bank,
  • S. Eagle, and
  • Enerbank,

Local banks aren’t the only solar panel financing available either. We have options—just ask. And we can help you apply for your federal tax credit as well.

Solar energy is smart business for everyone. It benefits you and the world around you in a clean, renewable win-win that will take you reliably decades into the future. CST Solar has solutions for you. Let us help you define your commercial solar system needs with a free estimate and point you in the right direction for financing as well.


"With all the paperwork done, we were good to good. The installation went very smooth, and the installers were great. One helpful thing was the tax rebate, that we got, when we did our taxes. Also, the low electric bills we have been getting. The last one was $17.39. We are very happy that we made the move to Solar."
- James Snyder, 2016


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