Clovis Civic Center & Carver Library Project Gallery

Clovis Civic Center and Carver Library Solar Power Public Energy System

For the Clovis Civic Center and the Clovis Carver Library, CST installed high-efficiency, monocrystalline SunPower PV modules in order to maximize system capacity, and thus the energy savings per square foot of the array footprint.


Clovis Civic Center

  • 91.58 kW solar array split into two sub-arrays
  • The module laminates are integrated into a rigid, durable polycarbonate frame that tilts the modules at 5 degrees, and provides for a non-penetrating, self-ballasting rooftop array.

Clovis Carver Library

  • 17.81 kW SunPower solar array
  • These module laminates are also integrated into a non-penetrating rigid, durable polycarbonate frame with a 5-degree tilt.