When Solar Goes Wrong: Why You Should Go With CST

CST Solar panels and installation come with the best warranty in the business on our panels
Selecting the right solar integrator is an extremely important task, because not only are you as the customer inviting someone to permanently modify your home, you also trust that the company you’ve chosen is implicitly knowledgeable about what they’re doing. A simple slip-up can cause disastrous results that range from superficial to structural damage. CST received a letter describing one such instance of negligence: a young woman experienced a faulty solar energy installation from an unknown company, a mistake that culminated in the destruction of her roof. She knowingly came to CST – out of trust in our reputation – to redesign and install an entirely new system. Her follow-up letter reads:

"To Whom It May Concern:

We purchased a solar PV system from a contractor in Albuquerque who is no longer in business. In dealing with this company, we had nothing but problems. The biggest problem was that this company used penetrating mounts on our flat roof. Initially, we thought nothing of the penetrations in the roof; we just assumed it was common practice. Then it rained which caused our roof to leak and eventually the ceiling collapsed into the house.

After discovering the company was no longer in business, we contacted Consolidated Solar Technologies to see if they could help us. CST immediately scheduled a site visit and completed a full analysis of our PV system. The power ratio was inadequate and many of the panels were in the shade inhibiting power production. It was also discovered that the weight of the system was too heavy for the structure.

CST redesigned the system to adjust the power ratio, moved the panels out from under the shade, and removed approximately 2,600 lbs in extra weight from the mounting system. CST replaced the non-warranted inverter with two 7000 SMA inverters that carry 5-year warranties. CST has also set up the system for monitoring, which the other company promised but was unable to provide.

I would highly recommend CST to anyone interested in install solar PV at their home or business. CST provided great customer service; they have the extensive knowledge and experience that is needed."

This customer was very accurate; CST is part of sister company Mosher Electric, so an experienced commercial journeyman electrician oversees every job. Mosher has had countless design-build electrical contracts with landmarks around Albuquerque, including The Pit and ABQ Uptown. Our relationship with Mosher provides CST with a wealth of previous expertise and solidifies the fact that our integrity is of the utmost importance.

Going with a company like CST is a wise decision that can save a lot of headache; we have yet to find a project challenge that couldn’t be conquered, from the smallest residence to the largest commercial-scale installation. CST never uses penetrative roof mounts on flat roofs, and would never cause the damage detailed in the letter above. We believe in our consumers, and value their experience very much; that along with the combined knowledge and experience of our team means that we eclipse every other solar company in New Mexico, in terms of quality.

And isn’t choosing a company that you trust truly the bottom line, especially when your home is involved? Choosing CST for solar installation means peace of mind that you just can’t get anywhere else, a fact supported not only by a superior installation process, but also by our stellar customer relations and the unmatched warranties that we offer. Our aim is to protect you as the liable client . If you’re considering solar for your home or business, make the safe choice with CST and see why we have the power to make a difference!