SunPower Leading the Way in Sustainability

CST Solar and SunPower solar panels

SunPower is constantly pressing forward as an innovator in green technology. Although PV panels themselves are eco-friendly, there has been some concern about the environmental impact of their manufacturing process. However, with SunPower panels, customers can rest-assured knowing that this company has made every intention to incorporate environmental awareness into their panel manufacturing processes.

It was announced on October 2, 2014 that SunPower has achieved ‘Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver Distinction’ – the first and only solar company to be recognized for its sustainable panel manufacturing processes. The fact that SunPower was chosen as the premiere award-winner only lends to the credibility of the company’s environmental intentions.

What does the Cradle to Cradle award mean, exactly? Being ‘Cradle to Cradle Certified’ is “a comprehensive product quality standard that evaluates product design, manufacturing, corporate citizenship and ethics principles”. With SunPower, they looked specifically at the manufacturing process for their panels, and how it ranked relative to other panel manufacturers. SunPower now holds the title for most eco-friendly panel manufacturer in the world.

CST is proud to partner with SunPower, the industry leader in green technology. If you would like to take the power back into your hands with the most efficient – and sustainably manufactured – panels in the world, call CST today.