SunPower Announces 1 Billionth Cell

CST Solar is locally owned and operated for eight years in New Mexico

CST has always been proud of being an Elite SunPower Dealer, one of two in the state. But we’re now especially proud to announce that SunPower has officially manufactured 1 billion solar cells since its inception in 1985. CST has made it a point to be part of the cornerstone of modern solar technology, and the number one manufacturer of solar cells in the world.

” ‘SunPower is proud of the role we’ve played to help the global adoption of solar, which, over the past 11 years has experienced a 45 percent annual growth rate resulting in nearly 155 gigawatts of installed power capacity today.  This is enough to offset the electricity needs of over 25 million homes,’ said Tom Werner, SunPower president and CEO.  ‘The SunPower team has worked continually to improve our manufacturing and cost reduction processes in concert with advancements in research and development, always raising our own innovation bar.  Solar is now more affordable, with demand for the residential, commercial and utility scale power plant markets at historic highs.’” (Source)

SunPower offers one thing that no other solar manufacturer does: Maxeon technology. Maxeon solar cells showcase a premium on solar efficiency and quality. The reason that SunPower has come this far is the exemplary tenacity and the unique engineering that they’ve employed to be the best. It’s evident that they really care about the consumer and have instilled several key caveats to their sales process that make others pale in comparison. Their panels are guaranteed to last 25 years, with an efficiency guarantee of 90% after those 25 years. “In 2003, the company began mass production of its A-300 solar cell with efficiencies of 20 percent; and today commercially manufactures solar cells with efficiencies of up to 24.2 percent, the industry’s highest.” (Source)

It’s obvious that solar is here to stay, and with a company like CST you’re getting the premium product quality and financial stability of SunPower included. Go solar with CST, one of only two dealers in the entire state to carry some of the literally billions of SunPower panels.