CST & sonnenBatterie: The Future of Energy Supply

Storage that Makes Cents

CST is excited to announce that we are now the exclusive New Mexico dealer for sonnenBatterie, a revolutionary technology for solar energy storage and supply. The sonnenBatterie is not just a battery, it’s an intelligent storage system that automatically adjusts the energy usage in your household to help you save even more money with your solar array. Here’s how it works:

CST Solar and sonnenBatterie solar power storage graph

Morning: minimal energy production, high energy need.
At sunrise, your solar panels start to produce energy, though not necessarily enough to fully cover the morning’s needed energy, causing you to draw electricity from the grid. But if you combine solar with a sonnenBatterie system, the battery will bridge the gap with stored energy produced by your solar the day before.

Noon: highest energy production, low energy need.
Your solar array’s energy generation is at its peak in the daytime. But since nobody is home the energy consumption is very low, so most of the generated energy is stored in the sonnenBatterie for future use.

Evening: low energy production, high energy need.
Generally, the highest daily energy consumption is during the evening when solar panel production is low. But just as in the morning, the sonnenBatterie will cover the energy need with the energy produced in the daytime.

Thus, sonnenBatterie allows you to save money every single day by harvesting energy from your solar array or the grid when it’s cheapest, and using energy from the battery when it’s more expensive.

  • Integrated smart electronics detect excess power throughout the day and store it for use at night.
  • Unique power detection system senses power outages in real time and switches to battery power automatically, protecting you and your family from blackouts.
  • Allows you to engage in “rate arbitrage” – storing energy when it is cheap and running your home on your battery when rates go up.
  • Slim and lightweight, the sonnenBatterie is elegantly designed to fit on any wall in your home.
  • Easy to install, and back-up/off-grid ready.

Contact CST today and speak with one of our Solar Specialists to learn more about how you can further capitalize on solar savings with sonnenBatterie.

(Image courtesy of sonnenBatterie)