CST Making an Impact in Schools

CST Solar offers a free estimate for both residential and commercial solar power

The CST Team is passionate about education. We recognize that we have a unique opportunity to teach our local communities about sustainability, and thus, help to secure the environmental health of our state for generations to come. We have designed curricular programs to teach students about sustainable practices, and have created hands-on lessons and activities to keep participants engaged. In addition to giving classroom presentations and working with school science fairs in our communities, we have assembled a solar curriculum for Los Lunas Public Schools. Students at Capital High School and St. Therese Catholic School had the opportunity to be in documentaries reporting the benefits of sustainable practices and the integration of CST solar arrays at their schools.

This year, CST solar specialists have visited several schools in Albuquerque and Santa Fe to teach elementary and middle school students about solar energy. Starting with young people is the best way to generate new ideas and solidify an unquenched thirst for knowledge for the rest of their lives. We’re happy to say that the kids were extremely interested and engaged in the presentation and activites, which is quite a feat for a class full of fifth-to-seveth graders! We concluded the presentations with an activity in which the students themselves assembled solar cars and toys, which was the highlight of our visit and the most fun for everyone.

The more we educate children on the possibilities of renewable energy, the more traction it will gain with future generations, thus making the world both a cleaner and less expensive place to live. At CST, we work to spread the light of solar energy today for the benefit of tomorrow’s youth.