Confronting Solar Myths: Is Solar Here to Stay?

CST Solar energy: local to New Mexico and longest in business

There has been some question of whether or not solar is a viable long-term alternative to fossil fuels. This is a valid concern, because humanity cannot sustain coal-powered utilities for much longer, and we need an alternative. But solar has more than proven that it’s not a passing fad. The future of solar energy’s success is apparent in its economic growth, and how it continues to snowball.

The numbers are astounding: solar is one of the fastest growing industries in America. Many small solar business owners have admitted to 100% growth, just over one year. The solar industry as a whole jumped 60% in 2013 alone (Source:

Not only have past trends indicated how solar is an effective source of energy, but projected growth is “stellar” as well. With new alternative energy mandates, each state must generate 20% of their power from an alternative source by 2020. This alone will continue to stimulate growth, but more than that – people are starting to see just how economical it is to take power production into their hands by going solar.

As far as the durability or longevity of solar energy systems, CST salesman Lou Keniley chose to go solar in the early 1980s. Though his panels are more than thirty years old, they continue to supply all of his power needs on a daily basis. He is living proof of the power of solar energy, and the long life it was destined for, even from the very beginning.

It’s safe to say that solar is here to stay, and it’s making its presence known exponentially as the years pass by. If you’d like to join the solar revolution, please feel free to call or contact us via the form at the left TODAY.