Another Happy CST Customer – Read About Orien Newton’s Great Experience with CST

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Just this week, CST visited one of our happy customers on to provide a friendly check-up after their installation was complete. Orien Newton had his installation process come to a close in early August, and received his first electric bill last September, which he was very impressed with due to the immense financial savings.

Orien’s first response upon being asked why he chose solar? Money. He noted that his electric bills before solar averaged around $450. After solar, his two electric bills were $49 and $26 respectively. He also added that his realtor expressed encouragement about installing a solar array on the house, as it increases the home’s value substantially.

Mr. Newton communicated that he called four to five solar companies, including CST. Although CST was originally recommended to him through a friend, he wanted to shop around before committing to such an important purchase. Mr. Newton was impressed by the knowledge of CST’s Solar Specialists; he described the Specialist as comfortable and trustworthy. Orien also said that he heard that CST was first to start the trend of residential solar, and he felt confident in our experience as solar integrators.


When we talked to Mr. Newton about his experience with the competition, he expressed uneasiness about their knowledge and know-how of the industry. He said he was pressured to lease solar, which has proven to be more of a nuisance in New Mexico than anything else.

Overall, Orien Newton spoke very highly of his experience with CST. Our fast, streamlined install process truly impressed him – it took only three days to install the panels on the roof! He characterized the install crew as respectful, speedy and honest; when one of the crewmembers noticed a scratched panel, they alerted the family right away; CST replaced the panel in the same day.

CST is grateful for the opportunity to help the Newton family cut significant costs on their electricity bills while also helping the environment. If you’re thinking about solar for your home or business, and would like a reputable and trustworthy company, please call us today for a free energy analysis and solar estimate.

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